Breaking Bad News

This is a half-day workshop for Managers who may find themselves in the position of having to break bad news to staff about redundancies, restructuring re-organisations etc. the workshop is designed to help them to feel more confident, informed and aware of the issues involved in breaking bad news.

It is designed to help managers understand :-

  • The do’s and don’ts of giving bad news
  • How to explore situations where distressing information may have to be communicated
  • How to gain understanding of some of the thoughts and feelings stirred up in both the giver and recipient of bad news
  • The process of loss and the feeling of grieving experienced by losing a job
  • How to develop some communication skills/techniques to deal  with a variety of situations
  • How to deal with the unexpected
  • What happens after you give the bad news

The cost of this informative workshop is £450.00 plus VAT

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